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Discover L.D.N Mobile App. The world's first mobile app connect soulwinners and new believers. A Simple way to stay connected and grow TOGETHER!

DAWN Mobile


Connect with Mentors

Connect with experienced mentors who guide you on your spiritual journey, offering support and encouragement. With direct communication features, easily reach out for personalized advice, fostering deeper understanding and growth.

Access Study Resources

Dive into a rich library of study materials covering various topics and scriptures, deepening understanding and empowering spiritual growth. Explore bible studies, devotional guides, and theological resources for personal or group study.

DAWN Mobile
Engage in Activities

Participate in prayer sessions, bible studies, and community events to foster fellowship and personal development. Connect with like-minded individuals, strengthening faith and building supportive communities.

Find Local Places of Worship

Discover nearby places of worship and connect with religious communities for worship, fellowship, and support. Explore services, educational programs, and community events, fostering growth and meaningful relationships.

DAWN Mobile
Bible and Crown

Soul Winner

Engaging in the Lord's business, bringing a bountiful harvest

Bible and Crown

New Believer

Embark on a Journey of transformation that leads unto a fullfilled life

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